Paul B. Nikitchenko

The landscape paintings of P. Basille Nikitchenko are drenched with color and mood, taking the viewer on a trip to far away meadows and woodlands still untouched by modern intervention.

Pavel Basille Nikitchenko was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1963. In 1983, he entered Moscow State Academy of Fine Art. From 1986-88, he participated in the work of the Moscow Experimental Studio of Painting and Graphic Art. From 1987-89 Pavel also studied with renouned Russian art professor Butoroff in his private art school in Moscow. In 1992 he served as an art director at the International Art Center of Moscow. In 1993, Nikitchenko founded the Independent Ivanov Art Agency within the International Association of Art Historians, and spent the next two years organizing exhibitions of modern Russian artists. 1995 took Nikitchenko to Prague, Czech Republic, where he worked and lived absorbing the beauty of that city, while also managing his own independent gallery.

In the fall of 2000, Pavel began traveling to the Western Hemisphere, to exhibit his art for a new audience.


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