Whitney Lejeune

These are so unique and special to me because each piece of fabric contains countless strokes and stains of paint from my existing portfolio of original paintings

Whitney LeJeune works to satisfy viewers on an emotional and an intellectual level - mating form, color and the power of suggestion in every effort. “My work as a female painter is bringing passionate art into peoples' lives. I’m pleased when I’ve captured the easily overlooked moments and emotions in life, and said a lot with just a few strokes of paint”.

She is a full-time, painter of the Carolinas currently residing and working out of her studio in Charleston, SC. Her style is influenced by her early childhood home, Austin, Texas, the southern elegance she finds in her family’s South Carolina roots, and her inescapable feminine perspective on the world. She studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (Bachelor’s Degree Fine Arts, Painting, May 2009).

Leveraging her view of the world, she loves to build her work on the feminine form. However, inspired by many subjects, her work includes portraiture, landscapes, and architectural compositions, commercial & boutique projects.