Victoria Jackson

...a turbulent sky crossing over a vast landscape, but somewhere above there is always a glimpse of a brighter day coming. I believe through adversity comes tranquility, and I want my paintings to reflect hope and tranquility

The minimal landscape paintings of Georgia artist, Victoria Jackson, create a feeling of calm through her use of color and uncomplicated forms.

With her mother, Ann Jackson, and grandmother, Mary Agnes Moir, as her mentors and teachers, Victoria’s passion for creating art was fostered from an early age. Painting throughout her childhood paved the way for Victoria’s career as an internationally-known artist.

Her specialty is spacious, inspired landscapes and dramatic skies. Drawing inspiration from her travels through Europe, she uses simplified shapes and muted hues to evoke a sense of peace, tranquility and hope.

Victoria’s work soothes, replenishes the spirit, and creates a bond with places that bring a respite from the chaos of life.