Thomas Andrew Findlay

Thomas Andrew Findlay was born in Miami, Florida in 1967. During early childhood he moved to Mountain Brook, Alabama with his mother and two brothers. In 1990, Andrew earned a B.F.A. from Auburn University with a concentration on computer design and graphics. He then enjoyed a successful career as Creative Director for an international textile conglomerate, winning several design industry awards. Thomas decided to pursue his love for painting on a full-time basis in 2004. 

His southern upbringing has a great influence on his subject matter, and the landscape of Alabama plays a large role in his rustic color palette. Furthermore, Andrew's style is visually unique as he blends acrylics, oil stains, inks and molding pastes using primarily a palette knife. His canvases are wood-faced or fine woven fabrics.

Thomas Andrew's artwork is collected throughout the United States and Canada. He is quickly becoming one of America's premier landscape artists and considers himself a colorist. His simplistic imagery is his signature. He says this about his work: "My landscapes are meant to instill serenity. They reflect America's natural beauty and provide viewers the escape they seek into a simpler time and place."


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