Ann Jackson Gallery presents
Mick Fleetwood

December 12th through 21st
Opening Reception: Friday, December 12th, 6pm to 9pm

Appearance by Mick Fleetwood, Tuesday, December 16th

Exhibition open to the public
Monday through Sunday
12noon to 8pm

“As music has thus far defined my career …this Collection of my work titled “Reflections,” defines my thoughts through my art.  I am quite proud of this presentation.  The Collection is a body of over thirty works, both original photographs as well as hand-enhanced original photographs that are startling in their complexity and in their conception.

Photo  Dominique Pandolfi

Photo  Dominique Pandolfi

Each one of the works housed in this Collection have a distinct and personal story; and one that reflects my life, my roots, my journey and my passions …...who I was and who I am. 

The world of nature is something I have always been passionate about and it has been a huge inspiration for my photographs; the camera lens is like a magic window that transports me into a secret world. In that world I observe shapes and details that I might not generally see even though the subjects are right before my eyes. I am fascinated by the intricate structure and design found in nature, and through my photography I hope to unveil this invisible world that sometimes goes unnoticed.”

Mick Fleetwood